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InfoRetrieval: YOUR Delaware Investigative & Delaware Process Service resource   


Let us be your Delaware process server! In 1997,we started providing Delaware service of process for local Sussex County attorneys. Our business expanded as our reputation grew. We are known for completing process service quickly and efficiently. Even hard to serve subpoenas, summons, or hand deliver letters are handled quickly by experienced Delaware process servers.

We are members of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), and are authorized Sussex County Delaware process servers, Kent County Delaware process servers, and New Castle County Delaware process servers for all Delaware Courts, including Chancery Courts. We adhere to NAPPS and Delaware Courts' standards of professional conduct. 

We regularly serve Delaware Corporations such as Discover Bank,in Greenwood and Delaware Registered Agents such as Harvard Business Services in Lewes, Delaware.


Established in 1993, InfoRetrieval has been providing Delaware criminal background searches and background investigations for local Delaware attorneys and national broker companies for many years. We've been conducting full pre-employment and tenant prescreens for local businesses and landlords for years as well.

We have grown by providing our clients with fast, reliable, accurate research at reasonable rates as well as exceptional service and a level of dependability that our attorney clients have grown to depend upon. Our home base, Sussex County, is a small area and most business owners / attorneys know or know about each other. In this environment, a company's reputation is everything. Our best local advertising has always been word of mouth - satisfied clients telling others about their experiences with InfoRetrieval's tenant and pre-employment screening services and background investigations.


Typically, we limit our investigative work to cases with pending court action for attorney clients. We have experienced licensed Delaware private investigators who regularly work for local attorneys and other investigators. Our investigators can conduct surveillance or other investigations for your client's pending court case. We can also help you prepare for upcoming legal action with court or internet research. We focus our investigative work primarily on active court cases and usually work for non-attorney clients only on referral from one of our Sussex County attorneys or at the request of a local business contacts.

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